Products - Performance Charts Program

Less Time Computing…More Time Flying

SRCA’s Interactive Performance Charts offer an easy, on-the-go solution for performance planning. This intuitive tool reduces the need of operator manuals and increases the flexibility for flights.


Performance Planning Card (PPC)
  • Simply enter the environmental data such as departure, en route and landing information
  • Automatically generate, save and export the PPC
  • Populates all associated performance charts for a more detailed view

Performance Charts
  • Quickly and efficiently solve any performance charts by entering required environmental and geographical factors
  • View the completed interactive charts, save them for later flights, export them to PDF and make prints
  • Zoom in to magnify the plotted coordinates to get a closer look at the graphs

Sample Images

Performance Charts Start Screen

Start Screen

Performance chart start screen: Charts, New PPC, Historical Data and User Guide.

Performance Charts Sample Chart

Sample Chart

Sample chart based on users criteria.

Performance Charts PPC Card Solved


Performance Charts PPC Card Solved.

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