Services - Safety and Operational Support

SRCA provides safety and operational support, to aviation detachments, departments and organizations worldwide. Our expertise includes conducting audits, establishing standardized procedures, developing FAA compliance documents, such as Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs), and providing customized safety training programs. SRCA is considered an authority on aviation safety and has supported programs at major universities across the United States where our experiences are leveraged into articulate and focused education.

Safety Assessments

SRCA provides safety audits, FAA assessments and DCMA assessments to organizations that require in-depth examination and assistance.

  • Safety Audits: SRCA reviews Safety Management Systems (SMS) to ensure it is resourced and implemented correctly. The results of the audit adds efficiency to the SMS by reducing unwanted missteps and becomes and invaluable asset to the program and personnel at all levels.
  • DCMA Assessments: SRCA evaluates for compliance with Contractor Flight, Ground and Safety Procedures and produces a comprehensive report examining the systemic issues and providing directional momentum based upon past and present status.
  • FAA Assessments: SRCA conducts detailed assessments and analysis to determine underpinning factors that result in the receipt of corrective action or regulatory violations.

Procedure Development

SRCA works with government and commercial organizations to provide assistance and support in the development of Standard Operating Procedures, Flight and Ground Operating Procedures, Minimum Equipment Lists and other procedural guidelines and documentation upon request. SRCA has a 20 year history of providing detailed evaluation and analysis services to support operational goals and requirements.

Aircrew Training and Standardization Program

SRCA developed a comprehensive Hazard Identification and Risk Mitigation program used in the development of a performance-based Aircrew and Standardization Training Program. The key attributes of the program:

  • Ensure personnel are adequately trained and certified to meet requirements for utility flight operations.
  • Provide for a continuity of proficiency, which all pilots must meet in order to maintain certification standards.
  • Require regular re-certification of personnel to ensure compliance and ability.