Training > High Risk of Isolation

The SRCA High Risk of Isolation Course is for Department of the Army (DA) civilians and contractors traveling overseas into hostile areas. This course is a valuable tool for understanding and recognizing the dangers prior to entering a hostile situation. The training includes material regarding:

  • Area of Operation Environment (Iraq and Afghanistan)
  • Theater Combat Recovery
  • Surviving Captivity
  • Understanding Captivity with Military Personnel (Code of Conduct)
  • Evasion Techniques

SRCA Instructors have completed FORSCOM training, have been on multiple tours in the combat zone, have studied the HQDA Personnel Recovery training methodology and meet all pre-deployment training requirements for units deployed under FORSCOM Southwest Asia Training Guidance. They will give your personnel the confidence and better understanding of the workplace they are going to, teach them to see what the regular eye can’t see, and get out of any hostile situation safely.

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