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Graphical illustration of an operator workstation

Additional engineering support is provided by SRCA partner Flight Test & Mechanical Solutions Incorporated (FMS). FMS provides design and modification experience to hardpoints, sensor integration, LOS/BLOS data link integration, as well as the development and manufacture of operator workstations.

Their core disciplines include:

  • Fabrication and Quality Assurance
  • Structural/Electrical Airframe Modification Design
  • Integration
  • System Test and Evaluation
  • Flight Testing
  • Airworthiness Certification
  • Airborne Systems Test and Evaluations
  • Operational Support

Additionally, FMS provides FAA Designated Engineering Representative/Analysis for airframe modification, fatigue analysis, structures & electrical DER, burn certification, and development of STCs.

Graphical illustration of the back of an airplane showing fatigue analysis of the structure