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Safety Training Support

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Ongoing Safety Training

Safety Research Corporation of America (SRCA) provides ongoing training through direct lector techniques and interactions that support operational and maintenance processes, in accordance with aviation regulations. SRCA has also developed an online portal for virtual class instruction. The portal’s library houses training sessions, modules, and all supporting instructional material that facilitates interactive and self-directed training by on-site instructors. Additionally, the portal supports scheduling and enrolling in classes, as well as generating student rosters, and printing student completion certificates.

Safety Class Materials

In support of remote training, SRCA has developed a subscription service that provides organizations with a comprehensive but simple method of safety standards and training.

This program provides remote locations with standardized safety class instructional material that meets internal organizational requirements.

Each folder contains:

  • Monthly Safety Theme
  • DVD of the PowerPoint presentation
  • Printer-friendly material
  • An integrated attendance roster.
folder with a DVD and documents