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Safety Research Corporation of America (SRCA) provides software development services for interactive products to include:

  • C#, ASP.NET Core, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Python, PHP, Ruby, C, C++, and Java
  • SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and DynamoDB
  • Accessibility and 508 compliance
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud hosting
  • Security application implementation
  • Intuitive and accessible design and functionality
  • Easy-to-use content management systems (CMS)

SRCA creates flexible and powerful solutions at a high-level of accessibility and security. We specialize in creating cloud-based. NET MVC solutions backed by SQL server databases; however, we are flexible enough to support any language or platform. Our dynamic team allows us to closely communicate with clients to fully understand their needs and create bespoke software solutions for their specifications.



ARAT Knee Board Card Generator


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Checklist Compiler Program

Performance Charts Program

Document Retrieval Program

Risk Assessment Program

Interactive Map (IMAP)