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  • Category: Software Development

The Interactive Inventory Map (IMAP) is a web-based inventory tracking and management tool for maintaining situational awareness of logistics, organizations, and/or personnel information. This tool can be used to track individuals, organizational elements, assets or even facilities on a geographical (map) display. The IMAP allows a user to:

  • Explore by asset, company, sub-organizational, or personnel.
  • Cross-level and adjust inventories; add, move, and delete.
  • View and evaluate assets and personnel clearly and provide updated statistics.
  • Divide global assets and personnel by regions and use drag-and-drop functionality for movement of inventory and other assets.
  • Provide a clear and concise overview for any user level.

SRCA’s IMAP can display current locations of inventory, sites, personnel, consultants, deployment status, or any element that a user may need to access. Detailed search options are available by keywords, regions, units, assets, or any other defined data fields. All displayed information is easily exported, printed and in briefing materials. Multiple user levels are available for key personnel, while allowing limited viewing rights for other users.

Map View

The IMAP has an intuitive graphical user interface that permits viewing assets in a geographical manner. A user can quickly find any asset via the map interface or through a filter search engine. The Map View tab is the default global view illustrating regional boundaries pertinent to your company. Additionally, icons are used to illustrate current locations of products, sites, or inventory.

Tracking View

The tracking view is critical when a user wants to ascertain the location of assets or personnel. The IMAP is designed to track major inventory items, such as engines, aircraft, ships, and high-cost inventory, etc.