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Software development example showing the home page of the Performance Charts Program

SRCA develops desktop software and applications to meet the client's on-device needs. SRCA creates fully functional, customizable software for customers with a diverse array of backgrounds. Software development at SRCA is a continuous process that begins with the customer’s specifications and continues through the complete software development lifecycle.

SRCA software solutions include productivity tools, data analysis and transformation, and Microsoft Office Suite enhancements. SRCA performs robust testing to ensure software fulfills all requirements and provides support and maintenance to update software as requirements change.

Whether developing web applications, desktop applications, or mobile applications, SRCA uses the latest in software development tools and technologies, including:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio and the C# programming language for Windows development
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, C, C++, Java
  • Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET

Interactive Products

Desktop software and apps to include performance planning, interactive assessments and maps, and a document retrieval program