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Savannah, Georgia images with the wording Southeast Regional Chapter (SERC) Annual Meeting July 19-21, 2024.
July 19-24, 2024 - ISASI SERC Annual Meeting

The Southeast Regional Chapter of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) will be hosting the Annual Meeting this summer in Savannah! Please contact us at SRCA if you are interested in attending and becoming a member of ISASI:

SRCA Programmer sitting at a table setup by SRCA at the Troy University Computer Science and Technology Career Fair.
February 6, 2024 - Troy University Computer Science and Technology Career Fair

Members of the Programming team at SRCA attended the Computer Science and Technology Career Fair at the Troy University campus in Troy, AL on February 6, 2024. Quite a few students stopped by to learn more about some of the exciting programming and graphic design work that is being done at SRCA.

Front cover of the Aircraft Investigation course materials.
October 30, 2024 - Aircraft Accident Investigation Course at the University of Southern California

On October 30, 2023, SRCA's CEO, Robert Rendzio, presented its Aircraft Accident Investigation course at the University of Southern California. This was the 13th year of delivering this course that examines helicopter rotor systems, controls, performance variables, flight hazards and material characteristics of aircraft mishaps. SRCA is ecstatic about the opportunity to continue delivering this pivotal course to safety professionals across the country.