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SRCA additionally develops web-based training portals that serve as a repository for training modules and instructional material that facilitates interactive self-directed training.

The Training Portals developed by SRCA permit an online location where students can sign up for online video conferencing classes or in-person classes when these same classes are given in a classroom setting. Alternatively, they permit instructors to establish classes that will be given in either the classroom setting or via video conferencing. Attributes of the portal include the following:

  • The portal permits the ability to archive training programs that include the lesson plan, slides, and student and instructed manuals.
  • Instructors can schedule a class they intend to provide and select students by location, batch, or specialty if needed.
  • Students can see classes offered in the near future (up to 6 months out) and sign up for classes.
  • Notification to students is automatic.
  • Completion of classes results in generation of certificate of completion and the attendees training record being updated.
  • Permits the development of various queries using simple drop-down box filters.