Project information

  • Category: Pre-Press Publications & Graphic Design
  • Client: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) North Atlantic Fisheries International Year of the Salmon Sticker
  • Project date: 2016 - Ongoing

Graphic design and illustration support is provided to the NOAA Atlantic Fisheries on a task order-based contract. Tasks vary from simple icon design development to more formal publication layout designs. Most task orders involve public relationships and outreach efforts such as educating campers and kayakers of the dangers associated with encountering aquatic life. Other tasks involve regulatory updates to be distributed to local trade and commercial fishing crews.

This sample is an illustration example highlighting the salmon. More specifically, this sample created awareness in support of the International Year of the Salmon. NOAA Fisheries’ staff provided SRCA with several notes on design needs and photographic references of Atlantic salmon. After several illustrative drafts from SRCA’s design team, the NOAA Fisheries office settled on a dynamic, action illustration showing the salmon leaping from the water, breaking the circular frame of the logo design. Final files were submitted and printed in adhesive sticker format to be distributed to the public.